Why is it hard to quit smoking?

What is called withdrawal in drug treatment is also present in smokers, though to a weaker degree. It is nicotine withdrawal, a state of uncontrollable craving, a desire to smoke. Without a cigarette, you feel worse, and there is irritation, weakness decreased attention. Therefore, the most important obstacle to abstinence is the lack of willpower.

People who can force themselves to quit smoking, but they are few. The rest of these attempts end in breakdowns and depression. Therefore, the average person who wants to give up smoking needs methods and means that will ease the state of psychological dependence and gradually reduce it to zero.

Medical methods

  1. The help of a certified addiction doctor. Those who prefer traditional medicine and really trust doctors can theoretically apply to a clinic where they will be advised on an optimal regimen, prescribed sedatives, and stress pills. However, such a method often turns out to be useless, because pills can’t suppress the desire to smoke, and they don’t add willpower either.
  2. Nicotine patches. Provide small doses of the necessary substance to the cells. It is believed that they are needed for those who find it difficult to endure the period of excretion of the poison from the body. The one definite disadvantage of this method is that it only solves the problem of the degree of addiction, but it cannot get rid of it itself. This is a good way to get rid of cigarettes, as well as to get rid of the patch.
  3. Smoking sprays. A modern development that contains addictive substances in a smaller dose than in a cigarette. The effect is there, but the harm from the toxins and poisons is also present. In addition, it does not solve the problem of addiction: a person now needs to wean himself off the sprays, and it is not easy to do so.
  4. Nicotine gum. Just like the patch, it contains a small dose of the substance, reducing the craving for a cigarette as a source of nicotine. Another disadvantage is its disgusting taste, which often causes people to give it up and go back to smoking without overcoming their addiction.

Modern stop smoking drugs can be a very valuable aid. If you want to quit smoking, such drugs can be the optimal solution. If you start using them correctly, the result can be very qualitative.

How to quit smoking on your own? 

The statement that quitting smoking on your own, without the help of specialists, is not effective, is wrong. If a man is determined, he has a special strength of spirit, he will definitely be able to give up smoking, in favor of health, so do real men.

Wishing to give up smoking, you should not reassure yourself that from tomorrow you will give up your addiction. When there is a desire to quit smoking, do it immediately, do not delay, no need to delay the problem, then you can achieve the desired result, you can be sure. It is necessary to let your family and friends know that you are determined, real men start to feel complex when they do not keep their word, and this is not a bad and effective motivation, which will surely get rid of the problem. There is no need to be ashamed to ask for support from family and friends, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Ideally, if you have a helper who will help you to quit smoking, you can do it without too many problems, and it is better that he gets rid of the same problem because it is more fun together.

If you want to buy specialized medication, if it is a medication for diabetes or medication that will help you quit smoking, then you need to use the services of specialized stores. The online pharmacy will help you to find all the necessary medicines at affordable prices. Use our advice and find a quality and reliable store.


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