How to Find Exactly What’s Wrong with Your Website’s Design

The design and user experience of your business website can have a monumental impact on how successful your company will be. A poor UX can stop a sale in an instant, and even the overall appearance of your website can determine whether a customer will engage or not.

According to Adobe’s report on web design, customers are more likely to engage with a website that includes a beautiful and attractive design over one that is plain and boring. However, a few simple issues in the UX can quickly result in disengagement.

Nearly 40% of viewers will exit immediately if something stands in the way of the website’s usability. Most commonly, problems related to loading speeds, content length, and unattractive displays caused visitors to exit before converting.

Getting to the root of these problems is clearly necessary. However, identifying the issues that are causing customers to leave before converting can be tricky, especially if the culprits are not blatantly apparent. Obviously, a page not loading quickly or correctly is easy enough to spot. However, these more intricate details like the overall aesthetic or navigational functionality are trickier to pinpoint.


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