How to buy bitcoins? Step by step instruction

If you already know what bitcoins are and what to do with them, all that remains is to find a way to get bitcoins. There are several ways to buy bitcoins, but you don’t need all of them right now. For example, you don’t want to start dealing with cryptocurrency by trading on an exchange. The easiest way, which is great for beginners, is an exchange. 

You’ve probably had to visit currency exchanges. Exchange offices for buying (and selling) bitcoins work in a similar way, with the difference that everything happens online and you don’t have to send cash to the cashier’s window – a plastic card is enough now. Although, if you are looking for an easy way to buy bitcoins you can use


Be careful, there are scammers working in the network. Through advertising you can get on a phishing site monitoring, and then to the phishing exchangers. Carefully read the name of the site – it must be in English without using additional symbols above and below the letters. Pay attention to the domain, strange characters in the name, and the exchange rate. Be careful and save your money.

Step by step instruction

In order to buy bitcoins with the exchange office, you need to go through three simple steps:

  • specify the bitcoin wallet address to receive bitcoins and exchange;
  • create an application, transfer funds to the specified details and pay;
  • receive bitcoins on your wallet.

Authorization and registration are not required, the exchange takes no more than 45 minutes. There are many rumors that some banks may block your account when you try to buy cryptocurrency. However, there are no bona fide studies on this issue, which include comparative trial purchases of bitcoins from different banks.

Choosing an exchanger

What to look for besides the exchange rate? The reserve and the minimum exchange amount. The reserve must be much larger than the amount of bitcoins you are going to buy, and the minimum amount must be less than the amount of money you are willing to spend.

Entering details

You will need to enter your last name, first name, card number, bitcoin address and email address. All items except the bitcoin address you can handle easily. In order to get this address, open your wallet and copy it.

Credit card verification

All exchangers will require card verification, which, however, is extremely simple and takes a few minutes. This is a standard procedure, and you should not be afraid of it. If you go to the same exchange office again, you will not have to verify the same card.

Receiving bitcoins

As soon as the exchanger confirms the payment request (wait a couple of minutes), the bitcoins will be sent to the address you specified. You will be able to see it immediately in the main bitcoin wallet window. 

The procedure of buying bitcoins through the exchanger may seem longer than you would like it to be. However, note that all problematic issues arise only during the initial exchange and are not related to bitcoin, but to the banking system. The very banking system that bitcoin is supposed to replace. Now you can even get a plastic bitcoin card to simplify the process.


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