Features of website marketing for legal services

Today there are many companies that provide legal services on the Internet. In view of the fierce competition, effective, efficient marketing methods are needed that will allow the company’s website to receive quality traffic from search, whether it is SEO or contextual advertising. As practice shows, high competition in legal topics makes contextual advertising quite expensive, and SEO traditionally difficult and the result will not be quick. How to be the owner of the business in this case? You can contact a professional agency, if there is a sufficient budget, and you are confident in the quality of services provided to you, or try to promote your business on your own, using modern technology advertising automation. In this case, it is necessary to take into account certain factors that contribute to the effectiveness of search engine marketing.

What do you need to pay attention to

Law firms that present their sites on the Internet should be aware of some of the features of seo services for lawyers, as well as of the nuances that are important for high efficiency or, as they say, the “impact” of the site. There are no trifles in Internet marketing. So, in the development and marketing of the site take into account the following points.

  1. A section such as “Free Legal Aid”, where potential clients can be contacted by such requests as “free legal advice”, “legal aid online”, etc., has a positive impact on marketing. The point is that many people want to consult with a specialist free of charge in advance, get some direction in which they should proceed, and after, they may want to use the paid services of lawyers. In addition, it is welcome to have an online consultant on the site, which people can contact and get prompt feedback. In addition to user-friendliness, the online consultant module is also positively rated by search engines.
  2. Make the site a special section on questions and answers. Again, referring to the statistics, we conclude that the number of people making queries like “how to make a donation agreement” or “application template for an appeal” is quite large. This fact suggests that the site just need a section where experts will answer the most frequently asked legal questions, as well as templates of contracts and application forms. Such sections, perhaps, will not bring profit to the company at the first stage, but can give the so-called “deferred effect” – people will remember that it is on this site, they saw the competent information, and if there is a need for paid advice or services, is likely to choose this organization.
  3. An undoubted advantage is the availability of a large number of services. Practice shows that narrowly directed sites to promote an order longer and more expensive for the client. The fact that search engines “catch” the relationship between different user requests, and if the site contains a large number of such requests (and, accordingly, sections of the site), then his chances of effective marketing significantly increase.
  4. The presence of a large number of specialists also has a positive impact on the advancement of the resource as a whole. It is welcomed when several lawyers are represented on the site, including when each of them specializes in a particular area. The presence of contact information of each specialist, at least a brief biography, a list of successfully completed cases, and a photograph is also a source of confidence. Personal data, as we know, inspires confidence.
  5. Convenience and functionality. The visitor must quickly and easily find the information or service he needs.


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