Blogs and online diaries

Blogs are like online diaries (the irony is, though you keep your hardcopy diary under lock-and-key, you want more and more visitors to read the online one). Blogs can be created by anyone using free services like (Google) or Windows Live Spaces (Microsoft). You can also install blog software, like the free WordPress on your pre-existing web site and start putting your thoughts online in a matter of minutes!

Because blogs are so easy to create, manage and even earn from (there are a lot of profitable blogs online, if you didn’t know), the web has increased manifold. And it’s all thanks to the many free blog services and a strong enthusiasm by the ever growing blogging community who keep maintaining and updating their web space regularly.

From ramblings of a wandering mind to detailed and specific information on technical fields, the content of blog types of web site can vary widely.

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